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Understanding the Differences Between NQSOs and ISOs: A Guide for Companies

Stock option plans can be a valuable tool for companies to attract and retain talented employees, consultants, and other non-employee service providers. When implementing a stock option plan, it is
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Understanding 8-K filings: What they are and why they matter

If you’re an investor in publicly traded companies, you’ve likely heard of an 8-K filing. But what exactly is an 8-K, and why is it important for investors to pay
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Reverse Mergers into OTC Companies: Process, Documents, and Timing

A reverse merger into an OTC company can be an attractive option for private companies seeking to go public quickly and at a lower cost. However, it is important to
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What Is a 424(b) Filing and Why Is It Important?

If your company is planning to go public or conduct a securities offering in the United States, you’ll need to file a 424(b) prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission
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